Technology In This Generation

I watched a video on YouTube about technology and social media, two weeks ago. A week later, it became viral.

So, I rewatched the video and started thinking about the message conveyed by it.
After I did, I posted the link on one of my whatsapp groups and that sparked a debate among us.
The entire group was spilt in two –
Those who agreed with the video and those who didn’t.
I was with the people who argued FOR the video’s message because I believed that technology was being overused and social media being used for socializing was becoming lesser.

Here’s the link to the video.

Do me a favor.
Watch it. Come back here. Let’s all have a debate in the comments section.


UPDATE – The link which I posted was a mobile link and didn’t seem to open on desktops. if you guys figured that, then cool. Otherwise, I’ve updated the link. Check it out.