prime minister

A New Hope

It’s the first time the youth is excited about the 16th of May more than the 14th of February, in India.

The largest democracy in the world is about to change it’s leadership and install a new, better, capable one.

No, I’m not here to root for Narendra Modi. I’m just here to tell you what major changes India will see with Narendra Modi’s leadership.

And yes, the votes are still being counted. But, I shit you not, even 5 hours before the media announcement, it looks like Modi will beat the others by a mile. No! by hundred miles.

Let me tell you a little bit about Narendra Damodardas Modi and about why everyone wants this man to lead 1.2 billion people.


He was born in a poor family who sold tea near a railway station. He had 5 other siblings. So you can imagine how hard that must have been for his family. He continued selling tea, going to school simultaneously. His teacher analysed his academic performance and believed that he never had a proper future in the academic field, but also added that he had exceptional debating skills and oratory instincts. That is clearly reflected in all of his speeches he has delivered.

After entering the Indian politics scene, he built and improvised multiple strategies for the Gujarat state elections in ’95 and ’98. He was a major contender in the last general elections ( this one is also a general election ). And like any other successful politician, he has a few ghosts following him. He is rumored to be one of the main people responsible for the genocide of muslims in Gujarat.

Again, they were just rumors which conveniently gained a voice at the right time.

Apart from that one rumor, the positive signs of him being “the one” for the country are numerous.

He was chief minister of Gujarat for over 10 years now and the changes which took place in the state can’t even be imagined. Google it!

Gujarat faced a deadly earthquake in 2001 and almost everything was in ruins. The economy especially. Modi turned that scenario and it’s one of the states which is leading in economic growth and general development.

He has proven himself for more than 20 years and that’s gotten the people’s attention. It made the people want him to lead the country because he proved to be more than just capable.

So, what changes will India see with Modi as the prime minister?

Well, even before the election results are announced, Modi’s imminent win has had a direct result on the dollar price. I won’t go into much details on how it made a difference. But the dollar dipped down to 59 rupees.

India can now hope to be a place of wide, smooth roads, electrified villages, rising incomes and brand-name foreign investment.¬†He pledged to build bullet trains,¬†hydroelectric power plants, manufacturing hubs and dozens of cities, enabling India to rival China, the economic powerhouse next door. A lover of technology, Modi even addressed several rallies as a holographic image. Now, that is how you remain in people’s minds!

He made similar promises when he became the chief minister of Gujarat and he delivered.

I started writing this post about 24 hours ago, hoping to gather enough information and during this time, Modi won the general elections and he is now the prime minister of India, leading the world’s largest democracy.

The Indian youth hated politics because corruption prevailed, but after Modi delivered his victory speech, everyone went gaga over him and were actually inspired.

If you could spare a while, here’s his victory speech.