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Another Brick In The Wall

I had an interesting conversation with a friend ( let’s call him Harvey ) last week. The topic of conversation was “What would we do to build our future?” and naturally, I, as a dreamer had to say huge things which had something to do with entrepreneurship, music and pursuing an MBA course. But he, as a realist had everything planned out in a spectacular way, after considering every single aspect, which also included getting a decent 9-5 job; make money till 26; get an MBA / M.S degree at 28 / 29; get married at 30 / 31. 

Settling down in your life means either two things, or both. 

1. Get a good job which also pays well. Or just a job which pays well, even if it’s a customer care exec job.

2. Get married. ( In India, this can’t happen without No.1 )

So, what Harvey said made perfect sense if you considered the above two norms to be considered as a man with a stable life. Making parents proud of what we end up doing is also a norm, but that just comes after those two things happen, or so it’s perceived that way.

Look at all the achievers in the world. No matter which country they come from, they all have one thing in common – Their personality is a mix of being able to dream big and realism. If your mission in life is to get a good salary and buy a house to live in with your wife / husband, then yes, there is no need for you to think big, or as Steve Jobs said, “Think different”.

This post is just a rant; A place to cry out loud against the people who just want to get through life without anything to offer to the world. To quote Steve jobs again,

I’m here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?

Exactly! Why else would you even exist, if not to make a difference?

No, I’m not saying that everyone on the planet must start their own companies and do business when half of them don’t even know what business is. But think about this like a dreamer, THEN as a realist. What if everyone on the planet DID start their own companies? What would actually happen?

First of all, not all of those businesses would be profitable. But, many would be and many would be from different countries which are down economically. Wouldn’t this aid and heal the economy?  

That was just an example. Ofcourse, big companies, who have visionary people leading them can’t do business if every employee took off to start their own company. The world needs people who don’t dream as well. But those people’s lives have become an example to others which make them believe that that’s the perfect way to live life. It isn’t!

Harvey’s mission was to make his parents proud of him, which they would if he got a well paying job / a good job; got married and settled down. Now I understand that this is ONE way to achieve that mission.  There’s also another way to make it happen; to dream big.

Steve Job’s father would have been proud of him if he completed his graduation and went to work for IBM for an extremely high pay. But would he have been as proud  if Jobs decided to quit college, start Apple, sell millions of computers, start a revolution and invent products of tomorrow? 

The latter seems really hard to achieve, but what great feat isn’t?  That doesn’t mean that if you have to do something great, then graduating college isn’t the way ( That discussion is for another post ). He could have started a revolution even if he did complete college, but maybe his priorities would have been re-organized and he would’ve done something else, which maybe wouldn’t have been so revolutionary as Apple. 

I know that success means different things to each person, but it doesn’t give anyone an excuse to not be (a little ) ambitious. Just something to think about. When i think about it, it pains me to know that there are so many out there who have no will to do anything or even try to make a difference. Leading a regular life might be the worst thing that could happen to you in this generation.