My band’s thrive for success.

Just A Bunch Of Confused Souls

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel confused about the pursuit they think they must pursue?

When you come across a new wonder and you think, “YES! This is the thing I want to do! I just couldn’t say it or comprehend it.” and then work on your way towards that only to come across another interesting thing and think about this with the same enthusiasm, then you begin to feel confused about what your time deserves.

They tell us to pursue the thing which you love the most, but what if we aren’t able to figure out what that really is?

Will we have enough time to learn that new interest and put a dent in the universe? Or is the current interest “the one”?

What if we want to pursue both the interests? Will we be successful then?

I pondered over these thoughts for a long time, until I came across a TED talk.

It was labeled, “why you’re going to FAIL in your career.” by Larry Smith.

It was a very interesting watch. According to the man, there are only two types of careers –

1. Bad Careers.

2. Great Careers.

Those who look for the good careers FAIL. Those who convince themselves that they don’t deserve great careers because they aren’t geniuses like Steve Jobs or Einstein fail as well.

He also talks about another excuse people make when they hunt for “good” careers.

Our parents / guardians / whoever, convince us that if we work hard, then we’ll have good careers; So, logically, if we work really, really hard, then we’ll have great careers. WRONG!!!!!

The world loves to exploit us and make us work really hard, and believe me, the world will give us many, many opportunities to work really, really hard. But is that the path to walk to reach the “great career” land??! No!!

In our pursuit of happiness, we find many interests and if you can’t find them, then you’re living a boring and an out-cast life. And like love, which happens so beautifully to all of us, one of those interests develops into a passion. That happens so unexpectedly that we won’t even notice it’s happening to us and then we fall into its arms. Sound familiar? 😉

It’s that passion that drives us to have a great career and nothing else. Not your good grades, not your sob story, not your interest, but your passion.

So, don’t waste your life living someone else’s.  ( Steve Jobs reference xD )

Find your passion.

Funnily enough, by the time I finished writing this post, my drive to pursue all my interests is rejuvenated. So, yaay wordpress!


We will not let exam results decide our fate

I have never been a fan of how the education system works. Some may disagree, but most colleges don’t function like how Harvard or MIT does.

With that thought in mind I watched this video a couple of months ago and it completely changed the way I thought about everything. It made me see that the society is based of hypocrites and we must learn to disregard them and just do what we do best, no matter what that is.

This video is for everyone. So, spare 5 minutes and give it a watch. I promise you, it’ll be worth your time.

Music prevails and continues.

Bah! Screw the tests ( I have two more though ). I was just browsing facebook like any jobless teenager and found this video which my friend had shared. I clicked on “play” and there were two people with guitars. The title said “Farfetch’d” and the description of this two-man-band was that they played ambient, postrock music, which is what I was interested in.

So, I decided to sit back and watch them play their music. 

By the end of the track, I was blown away by them that I was so determined to record my band’s music as soon as possible so I could introduce Behind Closed Eyelids to the postrock scene in Bangalore.

This dude called Akash Murthy who played the guitars for Farfetch’d nailed the track on his acoustic guitar. He tapped on the guitar to get the sound of the  percussion, whilst playing the guitar and he used harmonics so perfectly. Those two DEFINED ambient music with that song.

I placed a call to my old friend Bharath and asked him if he’d help me with recording our songs.

Bharath is an experienced musician who plays guitars for Broken Membrane. He happily agreed and now, to me, that’s the milestone to cross. I will post the song here as soon as I record it. The song is going to be called, “And then, there was light.”

Why? Well, you’ll know when you listen to the track 🙂 

Ofcourse, the movie plot is to be perfected, which I’ll be working on simultaneously.

What do you want to do?

There are a series of tests starting from today. The results of which assign a value to me and my self worth is determined by that by the society.
What if my strengths lie elsewhere?
Then these results and scores shouldn’t matter to me or to the society.
It’s nothing more than a distraction; tasks which consume time, which otherwise could be used to do something productive.

Sadly, the short film will be stalled by these tests because the other people involved in the movie are also studying for these tests.
Another sad thing is that dropping out is not that easy here in India. The society plays a MAJOR role. I know it really shouldn’t matter, but the parents come into picture and the pressure just builds and smothers you; it eventually shuts you up, leaving you with no choice but to suck up to whatever they want you to do.
The engineering course is not what I thought it would be. I can only sulk about it.
In the end, there is no option to quit.

The musical journey begins.

I started singing during my 9th grade in this band called Dethfyre. You won’t here about it because we broke up a couple of days after that performance.

But,  ever since then I’ve wanted to continue the musical journey. I met other interested musicians and got them to commit. We were primarily into metal and we called ourselves “Chaotic Mantra”. We played in a couple of shows and there were other bands who found my gutterals very unique and asked if I could be their bands’ session vocalist. I happily agreed; not knowing what the band members of chaotic mantra would feel. So, I made it a point to let them know about it.

I dont know if it was a “tit for tat” thing, but the members of chaotic mantra found a new guy and started a band of their own and they were pretty popular at the time. They’ve stopped now for God knows what reason.

Ever since then I’ve been on the hunt for a new line-up. I started listening to a lot of other bands. My interest in the genres matured and I was more into indie, rock and post-rock stuff. Stuff like Godspeed you! black emperor, Explosions in the sky, Pink floyd, Shpongle, etc.,

There was another band I was involved with. This was a college band. It wasn’t working out.  BUT……….

two others of that college band wanted to work with me and with the help of another guitarist, we formed a band called “Behind Closed Eyelids” dedicated to post-rock and experimental post-rock.


This time, it looks permanent and well established 🙂

Members –

Prajwal simha – Lead guitars.

Me – Vocals / Rhythm guitars.

Rishav Rai – Vocals / Bass guitars.

Piyush Kulkarni – Drums / Percussions.