It’s really hard to describe yourself. It’s even harder to do it on a public platform. What should I write? The good things about me which would seem like I’m boasting? or the bad things which would make you stop reading this?
If I was in a game and I had to describe myself in order to win…this is what I would probably say…..
“I’m a great fan of Sherlock holmes (yes i would mention that first :P). Despite the fact that I don’t share his intellect, I sometimes try to follow his lifestlye ( not very proud of it ). I love mathematics ( no….not nerdy ). When it comes to personal stuff, and when it comes to the people I love…yeah, I beat around the bush!! 😛 But with others…BAH screw them!! I value human emotions a lot because I know how it feels when those emotions are lost. ( Yes…pity ). I get influenced a lot by movies, books and TV shows 😀 Only if it’s witty and charismatic. I’m a self taught guitarist and a vocalist. That would tell you that I love music :)”
So, with this lame attempt to “describe” myself I’ll end this here 😛


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