Month: July 2014

A Vacation That Changed Everything ( PART 2 )

It was past midnight and there were a few people who were still up; playing random games and scaring the hell out of everyone for it was very dark.  I tried to sleep. But with Varun snoring, I think I spent my time trying to stop him from snoring! 

While coming up the hill, to the “guesthouse”, everyone were tired and just kept to themselves. That’s when I noticed the star-filled sky. I had found tranquility in nature after a long time. It was like finding a lost part of yourself, but among the stars. You can’t have it; You can just glance at it and smile at it and be proud of where you are right now. No matter how insignificant the impact is that you’ve created in this world, that feeling you get under the stars is just pure magic.

I wanted to experience that once again. The sudden bad mood I was experiencing made me want to experience the beautiful side of nature. So I opened the door and faced the chilly winds racing against me. I had a torch in my hand and I switched it on. The torch did nothing more than illuminate the small circular patch I was pointing at. The rest was pitch black! With great courage, I stepped out, only to step on a poor, old dog which was resting on the doorstep! It barked it’s ass off and I, having gotten the others’ attention thought it would be better to go get some sleep.

So, I did. 

I tried to shake off the surreal, bad mood I was stuck in and went back to bed.


It was about 4am and I woke up to Supreeth lying down right next to me. The chilly winds had taken it’s toll on everyone. Most of us woke up complaining about the extreme cold and the lack of enough sweaters. Despite all that, a few of us desperately wanted to watch the sunrise. 

Watching the sunset the previous day had changed me. So, I wanted to see what the sunrise had in store for me. So, a few of us woke everyone up and convinced the people who had given up on the sunrise agenda to go on and watch the sunrise.

And so, we went on. With torches and mobile phone torches, we lit up the pathway and walked further up the hill we were on. My fear of heights was at its peak for I was trekking right at the edge of the hill! The chilly winds got colder and the path seemed to go on and on.

We finally reached the sunrise viewing spot and fortunately there weren’t any other tourists there, yet. The sun hadn’t risen, yet.

While we waited, the view of the clouds hurling towards us was spectacular! The chilly winds weren’t chilly anymore. The chilly winds actually was a perfect part of that view we were all witnessing. And the girls, as usual, started taking pictures, posing.  

I was eagerly waiting for the sun to rise. I wanted to see what I would go through during those few moments. What promises I would make and how intense all those outbursts would be.

And then, at 6:45, we all stopped to see a red patch at the horizon and the scene fell dead silent!

“It’s rising” someone yelled behind me ( probably Sanjay 😛 ). I was at the edge, witnessing it.


Slowly, the red patch emerged, still at the horizon, revealing the Sun.  It wasn’t just a ball of fire anymore. It was a symbol. As I watched it emerge out of the horizon, all that I thought about the outbursts were all happening.

That overwhelming feeling of motivation and inspiration you feel when you watch a really good movie, when you listen to your mentor talk to you and make you feel more determined and secure about your life, when you talk to a friend and you feel like you can take on the world. I was feeling all that simultaneously. 

I went to Vishnu and murmured something about entrepreneurship and about how we should pursue that path for we had it in us. 


the ones standing are Vishnu and I, discussing about what I just mentioned.

More than I shared those few moments of the sunrise with my friends, I spent it with me. It’s funny how nature can be a good comforter and energizer more than a friend can ever hope to be. Although I spent most of my time with my friends later on, I just thought it would be logical to spend these few minutes with the Sun. 

After a tonne of pictures taken,



we all HAD to head down, back to the guesthouse. It was time to pack up and leave the hill for it was time to hit the beach 😀


Just A Bunch Of Confused Souls

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel confused about the pursuit they think they must pursue?

When you come across a new wonder and you think, “YES! This is the thing I want to do! I just couldn’t say it or comprehend it.” and then work on your way towards that only to come across another interesting thing and think about this with the same enthusiasm, then you begin to feel confused about what your time deserves.

They tell us to pursue the thing which you love the most, but what if we aren’t able to figure out what that really is?

Will we have enough time to learn that new interest and put a dent in the universe? Or is the current interest “the one”?

What if we want to pursue both the interests? Will we be successful then?

I pondered over these thoughts for a long time, until I came across a TED talk.

It was labeled, “why you’re going to FAIL in your career.” by Larry Smith.

It was a very interesting watch. According to the man, there are only two types of careers –

1. Bad Careers.

2. Great Careers.

Those who look for the good careers FAIL. Those who convince themselves that they don’t deserve great careers because they aren’t geniuses like Steve Jobs or Einstein fail as well.

He also talks about another excuse people make when they hunt for “good” careers.

Our parents / guardians / whoever, convince us that if we work hard, then we’ll have good careers; So, logically, if we work really, really hard, then we’ll have great careers. WRONG!!!!!

The world loves to exploit us and make us work really hard, and believe me, the world will give us many, many opportunities to work really, really hard. But is that the path to walk to reach the “great career” land??! No!!

In our pursuit of happiness, we find many interests and if you can’t find them, then you’re living a boring and an out-cast life. And like love, which happens so beautifully to all of us, one of those interests develops into a passion. That happens so unexpectedly that we won’t even notice it’s happening to us and then we fall into its arms. Sound familiar? 😉

It’s that passion that drives us to have a great career and nothing else. Not your good grades, not your sob story, not your interest, but your passion.

So, don’t waste your life living someone else’s.  ( Steve Jobs reference xD )

Find your passion.

Funnily enough, by the time I finished writing this post, my drive to pursue all my interests is rejuvenated. So, yaay wordpress!