The movie continues

The series of tests just got over and everyone’s finally free!
I was so excited about the movie project that I could not focus on those tests and worked on the movie plot instead.

The co-writers, including me, met up today and discussed about the movie plot and we were impressed by it.
Usually, the creators are critical with what they do and they try to change it to make it perfect, but with this, the plot was already brilliantly written. There were a few loop holes here and there and that was what the meeting was about.

We were on fire while discussing about the plot, that we were able to extend the story with more twists and turns and make it an actual film.
For that to happen, we would have to talk to local producers and pitch our idea; convince them to produce our movie, while I directed it.

But we thought, “once step at a time fella” and stuck to the short film that we planned 😀

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