Music prevails and continues.

Bah! Screw the tests ( I have two more though ). I was just browsing facebook like any jobless teenager and found this video which my friend had shared. I clicked on “play” and there were two people with guitars. The title said “Farfetch’d” and the description of this two-man-band was that they played ambient, postrock music, which is what I was interested in.

So, I decided to sit back and watch them play their music. 

By the end of the track, I was blown away by them that I was so determined to record my band’s music as soon as possible so I could introduce Behind Closed Eyelids to the postrock scene in Bangalore.

This dude called Akash Murthy who played the guitars for Farfetch’d nailed the track on his acoustic guitar. He tapped on the guitar to get the sound of the  percussion, whilst playing the guitar and he used harmonics so perfectly. Those two DEFINED ambient music with that song.

I placed a call to my old friend Bharath and asked him if he’d help me with recording our songs.

Bharath is an experienced musician who plays guitars for Broken Membrane. He happily agreed and now, to me, that’s the milestone to cross. I will post the song here as soon as I record it. The song is going to be called, “And then, there was light.”

Why? Well, you’ll know when you listen to the track 🙂 

Ofcourse, the movie plot is to be perfected, which I’ll be working on simultaneously.

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