The short story.

If you’d read my earlier posts, I’d mentioned something about turning a prologue into a short story which had a cliffhanger because it was a prologue earlier 😛       So, here it is. Sit back and have fun. 

This is called The Untold.

The NH-44 had never been more lonely. A black mercedes which stood still by the side of the road made it almost impossible to spot in the cold dark night. The mercedes , facing South indicated that it was heading towards the end of the highway: Bangalore, from the North. But strangely,the car was on the wrong side of the road.
The two people in the car sat absolutely still.
Jayan woke up with a terrible headache and found himself infront of the steering wheel. His friend who was initially driving the mercedes was gone. It was pitch black in-front of him. The pain, along with his memory started coming back in waves. He was used to physical pain, but the memory of what had happened before he lost consciousness, didn’t make sense at all. He remembered his wife and him get into his friend’s mercedes.
“They’re coming” his friend whispered to Jayan. Dealing with pressure and remaining calm during the most dangerous situation was something that Jayan was taught. But this time,the stakes were too high and the scenario was entirely different than the usual.
“People like us are not meant to give into emotions. If we do, then we just give the enemy a free tip, telling them exactly how to take us down” he remembered the Director of his task force scream those words to him.
Jayan looked at his friend with fear and then at his wife, Priyanka. “Don’t worry, babe. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you or Shona” he said to Priyanka. 
Priyanka could barely speak. She was trembling with fear and tears streamed down her face. She came close to him and hugged him. Jayan put his arm around her. “Its my job to protect you and our daughter. So, there’s nothing to be scared of. You know that, right?” said Jayan with a reassuring smile.
“I can’t help it Jayan. I’m just scared. Even if we don’t make it through the night, just make sure that Shona will always be safe.” said Priyanka with lots of gasps .
“Don’t say that. We’ll get to Bangalore firsthand, then I’ll fix everything. Just make sure you get some rest now.”
The mercedes sped towards NH-44 from a small hotel in Hyderabad. Jayan’s friend, Akash promised them that he’d take them home safely. He was doing a good job until Jayan received a mysterious call. Someone on the other line spoke first for 2 minutes. Akash saw Jayan’s expression change drastically on the rear-view mirror and then he knew exactly what to do.
The next few minutes would change the fate of a family and which would set a chain reaction of events which would end after many years.
Akash pulled over by the side of the highway. The time of dusk was just about to get over and darkness was just about to set in. “Perfect” whispered Akash to himself and then he removed a tumbler like device from his bagpack.
“What happened?” said Jayan after he had just disconnected the mysterious call.
“Gotta go when you gotta go” said Akash and smirked at Jayan.
“Make it fast. I just received some strange information which could be the missing puzzle piece” 
“I’ll just take a minute.” said Akash and got out of the car along with the tumbler like device.
He then twisted the knob of the device and then pushed it in. The device made a light beep sound. He placed the device in the car and closed the door and locked it with his key.
“Now….for tonight’s entertainment, we have……….”
A cloud of smoke started to fill the car. Jayan saw Akash standing outside the car. 
That was the last thing he remembered.

Now, the car wasn’t where it was before and Aryan was at the steering wheel. It seemed as if he had driven the car from the previous spot. The pain was wearing away now. He tried to wake Priyanka, but it seemed as if the smoke really took a toll on her.
He brought his right hand to her shoulder to give a slight jerk and that when he felt it. A wave of shock passed through Jayan. He definitely knew he was holding a revolver. He hadn’t even thought about his revolver during the time in the car at all.
He placed the revolver next to him and screamed at Priyanka, telling her to wake up and was also giving her mild jerks.
Jayan saw a truck at a distance which was coming towards the car and when the light flashed at him, he saw what had happened.
He saw a bullethole on Priyanka’s right temple. Blood was splattered everywhere. His friend had had him played all along. 
The truck driver advanced towards the car slowly and saw what was going on in the car and then stopped his truck. His basic instinct told him to call the police and he did just what his instincts told him.
Jayan saw the truck stop a few yards from the car. He instantly knew what was going to happen next. Unless……….!
He knew there was no point in trying to start the engine. His friend was smart enough to empty the fuel after the show of his betrayal.
Jayan started to break down. He turned towards Priyanka, “I’m sorry sweetheart. I love you.” Jayan stammered.
He tucked his revolver between his waist belt and got out of the car and went behind it. He examined the vast land beside the highway. He remembered his training. There was no other choice. He made a run towards the open field.

The truck driver sat inside his truck and watched a man who was running away from the highway and placed a call immediately.
“It’s done. I hope the papers and the money are ready.” he said with a deep tone and disconnected the call.
Far from the highway now, Jayan removed his web-camera and started recording while running.
“Honey, this is your dad Jayan. You’re too young to understand all this now but when you grow up you’ll know exactly what happened and you will finish this fight for me and your mother. I’m responsible for the circumstances in your future life. I was betrayed and played with all this time and when they involved your mother, things changed. You will find the missing piece. I know you will. Find the clock and Look closely. I will always love you.”

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