The writing journey begins.

Poetry; Such a beautiful way to express what you feel and a brilliant way to showcase your creativity.

William Wordsworth, Walter Whitman, Robert Frost, etc., made their mark on this world by writing beautiful poetry for themselves and for humans in general, teaching us what to do and how to do anything we want.

The prospect of telling people about so many things in just a couple of lines got me interested. I started writing poems which were great but not beautiful. Only I could understand what they meant. So this whole thing stalled for a while; while I was plotting my next poem.

In the meantime, I never failed to read novels; Dan Brown’s especially. I read  “The Da Vinci Code” and was so blown away by it. Brown made me picture the ENTIRE plot and every sentence that the plot ran like a Christopher Nolan  movie in my head. My skills in poetry weren’t that good, so why not try my hand at writing short stories, or, or a NOVEL??!!

So there I was; thinking about this “novel” I wanted to write despite having absolutely no experience in writing books or any story for that matter. I came up with a story; started writing; wrote the prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3,………,chapter 50. 

I’d written about 250 pages in a month’s time. I wanted to read what I’d written just to get a reader’s perspective, so I began reading my work.

I shit you not; after reading the whole thing, it seemed like it was a sequel of mission impossible : ghost protocol. 


I didn’t wanna write that!!!!!

The only thing that didn’t seem like mission impossible was the prologue. So I took the prologue and made a short story out of it. It had a major cliffhanger because….well, it was a prologue before :\

And after a couple of months, I came across this article on wiki which told me about this secret society in India – The nine unknown men of Ashoka. I was fascinated by this society because of the work they did and the topics which are rumored to be practiced.



I came up with another story. This time, I made sure it was nothing like mission impossible xD

Ofcourse, this is going to take a while because of all the things I’m doing at once. I hope I make it, eventually 🙂

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