The musical journey begins.

I started singing during my 9th grade in this band called Dethfyre. You won’t here about it because we broke up a couple of days after that performance.

But,  ever since then I’ve wanted to continue the musical journey. I met other interested musicians and got them to commit. We were primarily into metal and we called ourselves “Chaotic Mantra”. We played in a couple of shows and there were other bands who found my gutterals very unique and asked if I could be their bands’ session vocalist. I happily agreed; not knowing what the band members of chaotic mantra would feel. So, I made it a point to let them know about it.

I dont know if it was a “tit for tat” thing, but the members of chaotic mantra found a new guy and started a band of their own and they were pretty popular at the time. They’ve stopped now for God knows what reason.

Ever since then I’ve been on the hunt for a new line-up. I started listening to a lot of other bands. My interest in the genres matured and I was more into indie, rock and post-rock stuff. Stuff like Godspeed you! black emperor, Explosions in the sky, Pink floyd, Shpongle, etc.,

There was another band I was involved with. This was a college band. It wasn’t working out.  BUT……….

two others of that college band wanted to work with me and with the help of another guitarist, we formed a band called “Behind Closed Eyelids” dedicated to post-rock and experimental post-rock.


This time, it looks permanent and well established 🙂

Members –

Prajwal simha – Lead guitars.

Me – Vocals / Rhythm guitars.

Rishav Rai – Vocals / Bass guitars.

Piyush Kulkarni – Drums / Percussions.

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